Sunday, October 28, 2012


Since I already have a twitter I will instead talk about how I remember it was when I first got it and how it is now that I understand it and use it a lot more. Twitter was something that one of my friends swore to me would be a good idea. He was always on it and I just didn’t understand why. I was still using facebook and a lot of my friends still were too.  I finally created my own twitter and tried following as many as my friends as I could. It didn’t make much since to me and I thought it was pretty dumb. I started by posting simple thoughts that ran through my mind throughout the day. Things like “I’m tired” or “I really don’t feel like being in this class right now” were some of the few things I first tweeted.

Now that I have been on twitter for a few years it is a lot different than before. I tweet a whole lot more I use it for more than just thoughts that cross my mind. I post pictures; I use it for business purposes. I also use it to stay in touch with friends and sometimes but very rare I follow a celebrity or two. I am also able to post some of my music or if I go to some of my favorite websites I can tweet things that I find on there by just clicking a button. There is a lot to twitter but I think after having it and having a good amount of followers it can be pretty cool.


  1. it’s nice having a seasoned twitter vet in the group to talk about his experiences. Your original usage of the service is exactly as I’ve seen and is what turns me off from most social services. However your mention of your more common usage now, linking to things you find interesting, seems like it’s more of an open form of what I do with my friends already threw messengers.

    So I’ve got a question, how do you feel about the fact that everything you post on twitter is open to the world to see?

  2. In reading your post, it gives me hope that I might like twitter some day. My biggest problem is that I don't feel that I can be myself because employers are using social media to look up possible employees, and in the teaching world I have to be especially careful with everything that I post anywhere. I can also see the benefits it possesses in regards to keeping contact with friends. I use facebook for this mostly, but even with that I have lost touch

  3. Couldn't log on to blogspot Sunday, so here is my blurb. I am glad that you have grown to appreciate the use of Twitter. I can see how important information and comments can get to people much quicker than radio and tv, if you have quick access on your phone or computer. It is very important; however, that we are careful on what we post because it is very public.