Tuesday, January 24, 2012

60 Second Shot

With the 60 second shot I learned some of the different angles that I could use. This was interesting to me because while watching other peoples pieces I saw how the change of the cameras angle could make the video completely different then if it was just shot at a normal straight on angle. Also with this piece I learned more about having a narrative. Videos should have a meaning to them. Even with a video as short as 60 seconds most piece have details behind them that gave at least some kind of beginning or middle or end point. This is usually up to the person who makes the video but it will allow the viewer to get more of what is actually going on. I also liked the fact that we had to use the natural sound and was not able to edit sound into the piece. This worked well in a lot of the videos because the sound is what helped give the narrative. Sometimes even having absolute silence in the video worked well too. Some of the different shots were close ups or wide screamed shoots, there were still shots and also panning shots. All these are interesting in there own way because where as a close shot make the viewer focus on specific things a wide shot gives the viewer the option of what to look at. Also still shots and panning shots have about the same effect. This practice of the 60 second shot gave me practice but also ideas of what all options I have when making any video.  

Friday, January 6, 2012

What I Love About Video Art

Video art is a great thing because of the way you are able to tell a story. With most art you have a single object that makes it more difficult to put meaning into it. With video art you can have as much meaning whether it is the words that are used or the actions or even the way that it’s edited etc. Video art gives you more room to be creative. My favorite part about video art is the editing. Editing to me is so fun and creative. When I first was able to work with editing software I played with it forever just getting myself familiar with all the things that it was able to do. Slowing things down or putting other visual effects on my work was something that I really enjoyed doing. Editing isn’t just about those things though, because even the simple changes and effects are exciting as well. One of my first projects in Video Art 1 I did a lot of different camera changes and since I was only using one camera I wanted the scenes to flow together and look as if I was using multiple cameras. Being able to put different clips together and with the right timing and the right transition was simple and made the video flow smoothly as well. I truly want to learn more and get more familiar with different software and techniques that make my videos look more professional so that one day I am able to use them to my benefit in making a great career for myself.