Sunday, December 9, 2012

Final Project Comparison

When doing the first appropriation project with "The Sound of Nature" video it was a tad bit difficult because I felt like my creativity was limited. I was only able to use the sounds from the video to make a new mix. I liked the idea of making just audio although in my first appropriation project I used video too; I felt like it would have been better to just stick to the audio alone. Also when using only the originally footage I felt like it was so out dated. I tried to make it sound more modern and give it a new twist but with it being old and not having a lot of music in the original video it was hard to use what was there to make it music at all.

In this final project I was able to do a lot more. Using GarageBand to make my own original music was the best way to go. I then knew that it would be a lot easier to add audio from the video. Using GarageBand also made it more fun. I like making music of my own so I spent a lot of time making the music for this project. Were as before I struggled most with taking the original audio from the video, in this project I took more time just making the original music. I wouldn't call it a struggle though because I really had fun making it and adding the audio from the video ended up only taking a short period of time. Overall I think I enjoyed making the final project more versus making the first appropriation project.  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nature Feel

Title: Nature Feel
Date: November 15, 2012
Medium: Digital Imagery

Description: Using Instagram a social media app, a collection of images where taken from different users relating to Nature. Those images were then taken and made into a collage. To make the collage into one piece, different filters were use. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Social Media

The project that I am doing would take a little more work without having the social media. I would have to contact people by phone or other communication devices and ask them to take pictures for me. Even after that it would take a lot more work to get the pictures from each person. Right now all I have to do is screen shoot the pictures and they are automatically saved to my phone. Also I have been able to get pictures from people by them just simply sending them to my phone. With out the help of social media I would have to take a different approach. I would either have to ask people to print the pictures for me or send them through email if possible. But it would take me much longer to get the images and this project may then turn into something I wouldn't want to do.

I am not sure if I fully understood the part about broadcasting. But using Instagram I was able to broadcast the fact that I needed these images in the first place. I first made a text gram that described the images I needed and then posted for all of my followers to see. When I did this people were able to read the text gram and tag me in the pictures after they took them. Also other people who don't follow me were able to tag me in pictures to if they visited my page and saw the text gram that I posted. Instagram is a great way to broadcast. Any one who post a picture on there page can also upload the picture at the same time to their twitter or facebook page. There for not only their Instagram followers will see it but also their twitter and facebook friends will to. Which means they are posting the picture for a larger audience to see.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Harrel Fletcher - Net Art

Harrell Fletcher


Education: BFA from San Francisco Art Institure
                 MFA from California College of the Arts

Media: Drawing, Video, Net Art and Performance.

Lives and works in Portland, Oregon

Professor at Portland State University

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Since I already have a twitter I will instead talk about how I remember it was when I first got it and how it is now that I understand it and use it a lot more. Twitter was something that one of my friends swore to me would be a good idea. He was always on it and I just didn’t understand why. I was still using facebook and a lot of my friends still were too.  I finally created my own twitter and tried following as many as my friends as I could. It didn’t make much since to me and I thought it was pretty dumb. I started by posting simple thoughts that ran through my mind throughout the day. Things like “I’m tired” or “I really don’t feel like being in this class right now” were some of the few things I first tweeted.

Now that I have been on twitter for a few years it is a lot different than before. I tweet a whole lot more I use it for more than just thoughts that cross my mind. I post pictures; I use it for business purposes. I also use it to stay in touch with friends and sometimes but very rare I follow a celebrity or two. I am also able to post some of my music or if I go to some of my favorite websites I can tweet things that I find on there by just clicking a button. There is a lot to twitter but I think after having it and having a good amount of followers it can be pretty cool.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Appropriation Video

Name: Natures Sound Mix

Time: 3 Min 34 Sec

Medium: Digital Video

Video that incorporates sound that has remixed to sound like a song. Video matches up with the song and has some effects added to it. The purpose is to make a video that will keep viewers attention and also teach them a little about sound.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Collage vs. Video

When making a collage I don't think I put a bunch of thought into it. One reason is because it was about me. Its always easy for me to talk about myself although it always takes some thinking I still know what my main strengths and weaknesses are. I think when making the collage the art portion comes into play when we take so many random things and bring them together as one. I would say that a collage is a type of Dada art. In my collage I think I took the most time on putting the letters together for the titles on both sides. I like text and not just text or font that you see on many computer software but creative font or unique font. When I took the font out of the magazine I wanted to mix and match them and that is what a collage allow me to do.

When it came to the video I felt like this was much different than making a collage. Because we were only able to use the video that we were given it was harder to add and mix many different things like we were able to do with using different magazines. The video also was difficult to use because it was so old. When we thing of technology and the modern way of editing we hardly think of black and white unless it is a filter or an effect. With the video being so old it did make it much harder to come up with a concrete idea. After doing peer critics I did see that all of my classmates ended up coming up with great ideas from the video that many of us felt was old and hard to work with.