Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Dlectricity was a great event. I liked it more than anything because it brought people to Detroit. There is always bad talk about the city of Detroit but this was a great event to bring a lot of people to the city. My sister and I went to the show on Saturday night. We mostly walked up Woodward and saw most of the art work there. There were great pieces of art all over and the fact that the event was out doors at night with many pieces that had light effects and such made the event even better. One of the types of art that i liked was the videos that were projected on the buildings. Because I work with video a lot in my recent art work I liked the fact that instead of projecting these pieces on regular white projectors they used buildings. One of my favorite ones would have to be the piece called WORK. This was one of the first projections that I saw. I think it was projected from inside the building rather from the street like many of the other ones were. Each window had a projection playing on it that together made one video. There were also other art pieces and things going on that night that were interesting.

In one of the museums there were these cars that were painted and some mechanically mad so that they moved. Although they didn't allow any body to take pictures of this art it was interesting. Most of the cars had mechanics shirts with different names on them laying around the base of the care. I really didn't understand the meaning of the the work and it didn't have any artist statements to my knowledge but it was still very cool. They also had drinks and other art work plus music playing and people dancing. All of these great things made Dlectricity a really good event and a good way to bring more people to visit the city.

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