Monday, March 26, 2012

Gerry Fialka

Gerry had a lot of points that made you think. Usually when talking to most artists or when artist come to lecture I expect them to come and talk about their art work but he immediately got the audience to thinking with the first question that he asked. The fact that he was able to keep us all involved besides the one guy that he caught sleeping. Gerry had an interesting idea about art too. He talked about how artists have come up with art work that is not art work but then he covered other mediums that have done the same thing. Like the women that mad the book that wasn’t a book or the man that made the song that wasn’t a song. To me this is the most interesting because I feel like music, just like art, is something that is everywhere. So many artists have taken things that have already been made and then calling them art after making a slight change to them. When the music artist recorded the song that was nothing but natural sound and called it music it was just the same as artists that make found art. I dislike both of these because I like creativity and people who are original. I feel that taking found art or making music out of basically nothing is an insult us who work hard to make real art and music with meaning.
Some of the simple quotes that Gerry said were interesting too. It was one about taking the time to make planes and then doing the opposite. I liked that one because sometimes we constantly make plans that don’t work out the way that they should so maybe if we tried the opposite or just tried something different in general we would get different and possibly better results. Another thing he asked us was would it ever really be silence. Another one of those questions that I think made everyone think. And I think the biggest thing about a lot of his questions were they didn’t make us just think on the surface of things but I heard other people talking and they seemed to be in deep thought about these questions. All together his lecture was something that made me think and that was the most important part to me and it is what really kept me tuned in.

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