Sunday, December 9, 2012

Final Project Comparison

When doing the first appropriation project with "The Sound of Nature" video it was a tad bit difficult because I felt like my creativity was limited. I was only able to use the sounds from the video to make a new mix. I liked the idea of making just audio although in my first appropriation project I used video too; I felt like it would have been better to just stick to the audio alone. Also when using only the originally footage I felt like it was so out dated. I tried to make it sound more modern and give it a new twist but with it being old and not having a lot of music in the original video it was hard to use what was there to make it music at all.

In this final project I was able to do a lot more. Using GarageBand to make my own original music was the best way to go. I then knew that it would be a lot easier to add audio from the video. Using GarageBand also made it more fun. I like making music of my own so I spent a lot of time making the music for this project. Were as before I struggled most with taking the original audio from the video, in this project I took more time just making the original music. I wouldn't call it a struggle though because I really had fun making it and adding the audio from the video ended up only taking a short period of time. Overall I think I enjoyed making the final project more versus making the first appropriation project.  

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