Sunday, November 11, 2012

Social Media

The project that I am doing would take a little more work without having the social media. I would have to contact people by phone or other communication devices and ask them to take pictures for me. Even after that it would take a lot more work to get the pictures from each person. Right now all I have to do is screen shoot the pictures and they are automatically saved to my phone. Also I have been able to get pictures from people by them just simply sending them to my phone. With out the help of social media I would have to take a different approach. I would either have to ask people to print the pictures for me or send them through email if possible. But it would take me much longer to get the images and this project may then turn into something I wouldn't want to do.

I am not sure if I fully understood the part about broadcasting. But using Instagram I was able to broadcast the fact that I needed these images in the first place. I first made a text gram that described the images I needed and then posted for all of my followers to see. When I did this people were able to read the text gram and tag me in the pictures after they took them. Also other people who don't follow me were able to tag me in pictures to if they visited my page and saw the text gram that I posted. Instagram is a great way to broadcast. Any one who post a picture on there page can also upload the picture at the same time to their twitter or facebook page. There for not only their Instagram followers will see it but also their twitter and facebook friends will to. Which means they are posting the picture for a larger audience to see.


  1. After seeing the beginning of your project, I can appreciate social media's effectiveness. The networking capabilities open up a whole new and vast area of artistic opportunities. I think that your project is interesting and makes great use of the mobility that social media has today. People can snap a photo with their phone and share it instantly. It makes for more interesting images to chose from.

  2. I felt that your idea to use instagram and social media helped you create a scene through piecing multiple visuals together. I feel it met what the project was asking for. It would be great for you to push it farther to see how many different visuals you can create. The animation idea would be something cool to try.

  3. i think it would also be interesting to contemplate what it would take to produce your artwork had it even predated the Internets capability to transmit imagery. collaging physically your images could produce a very different result in its look and feel.